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Careers: Become a Chartered Accountant

As a Chartered Accounting firm Mark Kenmir & Co takes great pride in fostering and nurturing Australia’s future Chartered Accountants, offering assistance in various forms for staff wishing to enrol in the Chartered Accountants program.

Mark Kenmir & Co will pay for each CA Module as well as offering 3 days study leave (inclusive of the exam day) per module, with an agreed upon return to service period. Mark Kenmir & Co will also purchase a copy of the required text for the office library which candidates can always access.

Mark Kenmir & Co have the view that someone wishing to start the Chartered Accountants program should first complete two compliance seasons. This is to ensure the program content is not completely foreign and an experienced candidate will be more capable to cater for the increased workload of full time study, without their performance at work suffering.

All Charactered Accountants and current CA candidates within the firm are always available for advice or assistance with any aspect of the program.

Mark Kenmir & Co take the belief that becoming a Chartered Accountant can be a difficult journey, but it is one that is crucial to the career development of our staff, and one that we are willing to help you traverse.

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