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SMSF: Pros & Cons

There are a number of advantages, and disadvantages associated with Self Managed Super Funds. Some of these are:

- as the Trustee of your own SMSF, you can have complete control over the fund and its investments within the paramaters of the legislative framework.
Holistic Approach - by incorporating your SMSF into a Whole-of-Life Plan, you can maximise your superannuation contributions while stil lworking in order to ensure that you reach the retirement goals that you want.
Investment Choice - you can chose to invest your retirement savings in a wide range of assets, including securites, managed funds, fixed interest investments, real residential and commercial property, to name a few.

- each Trustee of the fund is fully responsible for hte decisions and operation of the fund.
Costs - for funds with less than about $150,000 in net assets, there can be additional costs associated with SMSF's, however once a critical mas balance has been reached, there can be considerable savings in having your money in your own SMSF when compared to other funds.

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