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What do I need to provide Mark Kenmir & Co. in order to have my Tax return prepared?

We will require your Tax File Number, date of birth and contact details (Address and phone number). It is also useful if you can bring along a copy of your most recently lodged tax return. One of our friendly advisors will have a tax meeting with you to discuss what items you are entitled to claim, so bring along any work related receipts (view possible deductions link for ideas). The advisor may also request further information if required.

When will my return be lodged?

On completion of your return we will be able to see whether you are entitled to a tax refund or will have a tax payable. If you are in a refund position we will lodge your return as soon as you sign and return the electronic declaration to our office. If you are in a tax payable position for your benefit we will lodge your return on the 15 of May, which is the lodgement due date for most individual tax returns when submitted through a tax agents. However this is only applicable if your return is from the current financial year, if it is outstanding from previous years we will have to lodge it as soon as possible to stop further ATO general interest charges and other penalties.

How long am I expected to wait for the completion of my return?

At Mark Kenmir & Co. we strive for excellence in every thing we do, and we do not merely focus on the time frame. We aim to process individual tax returns within two weeks, however in some high peak months this processing time may be delayed.

How do I know when my return is completed?

We will contact you as soon as your return is completed and ready for review by you. Please inform one of our friendly staff which is the best way to contact you.

How much will I have to pay?

You will be provided a quote or a fixed price for your tax return from the advisor in your initial tax meeting; you can also call our office and speak to one of the staff members to obtain a quote.

Can I get my refund deposited into my bank account?

You can get your refund deposited into your bank account. We will require your bank details before we lodge your return as this information will be sent to the ATO on lodgement.  If you decide not to provide us with your bank account details we will forward the ATO cheque to you in the mail.

Can you post out my return in the mail?

After your return is completed, we will contact you and give you the options of having your return posted to you in the mail, emailed to you or left in reception for you to collect. All tax returns that are posted in the mail are sent via express post and usually take a few days to arrive.

Can I send you my tax information via email rather than coming into the office? 

Many of our clients send their tax information via email instead of coming into the office. Please always inform one of our staff members if you will email your information so that we can confirm that we have received it. 

Can you still be my tax agents even if I move to another state? 

Many of our clients move to other states and we remain their tax agents. Due to the many ways available to provide us with the information required to complete your tax return (emails, phone, post etc), we are able to do every thing without you personally coming into our office.

Will Mark Kenmir & Co. deduct my fee from my tax refund? 

Mark Kenmir & Co. will not deduct your tax fee from your tax refund. We want to keep these processes separate so that you may see exactly how much you are paying for our services.
It is also easier for your own tax record keeping if you have a tax invoice.

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