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ITR: Checklist

* Required

Home Office – e.g. cleaning expenses, contents insurance, electricity, gas, telephone (% used)
Motor vehicle expenses – e.g. details of kilometres travelled, running costs, logbook
Schedule of work related expenses from the ATO
Receipts of work related expenses – e.g. car, travel, clothes, laundry, meals
Receipts for self-education expenses – e.g. HECS fees, books, computer costs, car expenses
Receipts of gifts/donations to charities
Interest/fees on borrowing for investment purposes
Details of income protection premiums for additional deductions
Deductible amounts for pensions/annuities
Sole parent / spouse / housekeeper / low income / aged persons
Statements on spouse contributions
Superannuation pension rebates
Private health insurance statements
Medical receipts (if spent more than $1250)
Medicare Levy Exemption Certificates
Previous year’s tax return and accountant fees
Previous year’s tax losses
Any tax credit vouchers
PAYG instalments paid
Sole practitioner - business
Payment summaries
List of investments
Capital Gains Tax statements
Contract notes for buy/sell transactions
Lump sum payments – e.g. Eligible Termination Payment
Social Security, pensions, allowance documents/statements, family benefits
Payments received from Family Assistance Office
Trust distributions
Managed Fund investments income statements
Bank statements (interest received and fees charged)
Cheque butts
Interest statements
Share dividend statements
Tax statements from fund managers, stockbrokers
Superannuation statements, including roll over statements
Margin lending interest statements
Mortgage statements
Asset purchase agreements
Financing leases statements
Investment loans statements
Life Insurance bonus policy statements
Details of foreign income

ITR Info: